Miami East Soccer is a Recreational soccer program for the youth ages 3-19. 

You do not need to live in the Miami East District to play in this program, we are not associated with the school. 

Registration typically starts in the around April 1st and finished by May 31th

Age Division:

3-4 Grasshoppers-4U(coed), 5-6 Lollipops-6U (coed), 7-8 Passers-8U (coed), 9-10 Wings-10U (separate boys & girls teams), 11-12 Strikers-12U (separate boys & girls teams), 13-14 Kickers-14U (separate boys & girls teams).

Registration open until August 9th for:  15-19 Minors/Seniors (coed).  

Ages are as of Dec 31, of current year

4U to 8U will play at Home field only (located on Lefevre Road), 10U and older will play 1/2 games at Home field and travel to our other districts for away games (Bethel, Northwestern, Tipp City and Graham)..

8U to 14U will have a yearend tournament, 8U tournament is usually the last week of Sept or first of October. 10U to 14U will play in Yearend Tournament at Tipp City with other districts.

Practices start toward the end of July - practice days are decided by the coach.  Coaches are notified of their team roster around the 2nd week fo July. 

Games start the Saturday after the Miami County Fair and run until second week of October (about), most week you will have two games a week - one during the week (except Friday) and one on Saturday.

For other questions you may have about Miami East Youth Soccer, visit our NEWS tab or contact us at and follow us on Facebook for all important messages throughout the season.